Is Your Medical Aid/Insurance The Right One For You?

Medical Aid options getting you overwhelmed? Read on!

It may be easier on you and important if you know your options and how to make a choice. Most people find themselves with a Medical Aid selected for them by their employer or HR department with little or no input from their side. But are you getting the best deal? Ultimately you must remember that, though indirectly, you actually participate in funding the Medical Aid plan.

We have here some questions you should ask when picking a medical aid plan and the answers to these questions can help you find the right choice for you, your family, your health & your budget!

  1. Will the Medical Aid plan help in saving money during the healthy times?

If you don’t expect to use your plan so often, pay close attention to recurring costs to see if there is an opportunity to save money. But remember to factor in the cost of getting acute care if & when you need it!

  1. Will this Medical Aid be affordable when I’m sick?

Many times people have a false sense of security when they have a medical aid card without understanding whats fully covered. They are only surprised to hear of co-payments & shortfalls (or outright rejection of plan) when they visit their doctor or hospital. Always ask whats the most you are likely to pay out-of-pocket before you sign up to any plan.

  1. Are my doctors covered by my plan?

A number of medical aids cover primary healthcare without issues. The problem arises when you have to see a specialist or seek specialist services like surgery or dialysis. That’s why you will need to check that the doctors & clinics you are likely to visit will be covered by the medical aid you’re considering.

  1. What is the prescription drug coverage like?

Its common to overlook that the cost of medication can actually add up to huge sums without adequate cover.

  1. Will the medical aid plan make it easy to get care if you need it?

Having some medical aid cover does not necessarily equate to access to private healthcare, for instance. So many times have patients visited private health institutions only to be directed to the public health system for lack of coverage on their plan. Always know what kind of urgent care facilities are covered by your chosen medical aid plan.

  1. How does the plan work for alternative therapies?

Home delivery of babies, interested in acupuncture, seeing a traditional/faith healer? You might want to know if these are covered, if at all!

  1. Will the medical aid plan still be adequate/appropriate when needs change?

Life changes, and so does what you need from your health plan. Don’t find yourself or your family exposed. Understand how the plan will respond to changes like a new job, new baby, or a family member developing a serious illness.

  1. Is it easy to get support/advice from the medical aid?

Its not unusual to have questions about your insurance and its best when they can be addressed timeously. Avoid signing up to a plan whose representatives you only see at paying premiums or, at worst, when your account is in arrears! Find out if they have 24/7 support line, who to contact etc.

We hope these few questions will help you in making the best choice of medical aid plan for you or your loved ones. Always remember, whilst great care is taken to confirm correct benefits with your medical scheme by most Dr’s rooms, you remain directly responsible for any unpaid portion.

Actively participate in choosing a medical aid!

What have been your experiences with medical insurance? Hit the comments box and tell us all about it!

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