Some Questions & Answers

Paediatric surgeons operate on children from the newborn stage through the teenage ages. In addition to completing general surgical training, paediatric surgeons complete additional years of extensive specialist training in newborn’s and children’s surgery. This special certification is what makes the doctor a specialist in Paediatric Surgery.

Paediatric surgeons participate in the diagnosis and management of surgical problems in children. Some conditions in newborn babies can only be corrected surgically for a good quality of life. Working with Neonatologists, Paediatricians, General Practitioners, Family Doctors and the Emergency Rooms, Paediatric Surgeons cooperate with all the specialists and doctors to determine whether surgery is the best option for your child and if so, provide the necessary skills for the surgery.

Our paediatric surgical offices are located within the St. Anne’s Hospital complex. Parking is free, safe and manned by a security team.

Virtual or telehealth services are available as a special arrangement through our offices. Depending on the particular case, these may also involve the referring practitioner. If you wish to have a virtual consultation, kindly contact the office for assistance.

Weekend appointments are available strictly by arrangement through the office. Kindly call, email or WhatsApp the office for assistance.

Outside of business hours, our regular offices will be closed. However, our doctors are available to attend to urgent and emergency cases through the hospitals or 24-hour emergency rooms around town.

Our Doctors’ offices are within St. Anne’s Hospital complex. This is very convenient for both the patients and the doctors for theatre access and ward rounds.

Our practice accepts most medical aid cards and arrangements. Medical aid plans have varying cover levels and some may not cover the full cost of medical care. In such a situation, you may incur out-of-pocket payments or shortfalls. Kindly contact our offices for help if you are not sure of the level of cover of your medical aid. For a list of some of the accepted medical aid/insurance click here