Getting Discharged After Your Child’s Day Surgery

In some cases, we perform day surgery on children. This means they can be discharged home same day after the procedure or surgery. If your child has had surgery that does not require them to stay overnight, they will stay for a few hours following the surgery. Before they can leave for home, the healthcare team will ensure the following:

  • the child is fully awake

  • the heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressures are normal

  • they can drink some liquids without vomiting or getting nauseated

  • pain is adequately controlled and the child is comfortable enough to go home

Even after some uncomplicated surgery, some children (preterm babies, children with special needs/conditions) may have to remain in hospital overnight for observation, receive medications for pain or to prevent infection.

Your child’s Paediatric Surgeon will take time to discuss discharge of your child before the operation, and moments after their surgery.

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