Inguinal Hernias In Babies

There are several different types of hernias in infants and children. Groin/inguinal hernias are just one type of these hernias. Groin hernias are more common on the right side, much more common in boys, and premature infants are at an increased risk for this type of hernias.

Most groin hernias are noticed as bulges that come and go. They are more noticeable after crying or straining. These hernias may also occur on both sides in some children. Groin hernias can present with complications requiring urgent attention especially in premature and newborn babies.

All children’s groin hernias require treatment by operation to prevent development of complications. Fortunately, most operations for groin hernias are performed on an outpatient basis by our paediatric surgeons.

If you think your child might have a groin hernia, see your doctor and they will help you find a paediatric surgeon who can operate on your child.

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