Is Anaesthesia Safe for Kids?

If your little angel needs surgery, chances are you have many concerns – and questions! Is it really that safe to put children under? It helps to understand what actually happens so you know what to expect.

  • Highly skilled Paediatric anaesthetists use anaesthesia during surgeries or other procedures to put children to sleep and control pain. However, anaesthesia isn’t just one drug. The anaesthetists use a variety of medications on each child. Weight, age and other conditions are taken into consideration to adjust the amount of each drug the child gets.

  • Anaesthesia today is much safer than it was a generation ago, thanks to advances in technology & medications.

  • Overall,anaesthesia has a low risk of complications, the most common side effects being relatively mild such as nausea and grogginess.

Our Paediatric Surgeons work with a team of highly skilled paediatric anaesthetists to make sure every child’s anaesthesia is as smooth as possible.

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