Getting your child ready for surgery!

Surgery and hospitalisation can be frightening and overwhelming for children. The same can be said for parents too, but remember your child looks to you for reassurance. It is possible to prepare your child as best you can with age-appropriate information.

You can help your child cope by:

  • being honest

  • encouraging discussion and questions on whats happening

  • affirming your child’s feelings

  • knowing as much as you can about the hospitalisation/surgery

  • Watching your choice of words – simple explanations are usually sufficient.

  • Allowing appropriate input in their care

  • Being patient and taking care of even yourself

Remember, when you are really stuck, your child’s surgical team are available to answer questions and provide resources to parents.

Have you had to deal with a child due for surgery, or know someone who has had to do it? What was the experience like? Let us know in the comments section below, and tell us some of the issues you would wish healthcare providers would help with!

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