Fasting Before Surgery

If your child is scheduled to have surgery, they will need to fast (not have anything to eat or drink) for a number of hours before their procedure. How long they fast may depend on their age and specific medical condition. You will be advised of the duration of fasting specific to your child. Fasting before surgery is important because your child’s stomach needs to be empty for the general anaesthesia medicines to be safe.

You will be told in person or get a note telling you the time that your child must stop eating or drinking before their surgery. Your child’s doctor or anaesthetist will let you know if the times can be adjusted for your child. An anaesthetist is a specialist doctor who gives general anaesthesia medicines and looks after your child while they are asleep for their surgery.

You will need to make sure you follow all instructions given to you, so that your child’s surgery is not delayed or rescheduled for another date. If you have any questions or are unclear about the fasting instructions for your child, contact the doctors or our office for assistance.

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