Treatment Strategies – Childhood Cancer

Did you know?

Even though there is no possible way to prevent cancer in children, there are effective strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in children and improve outcomes.

  • Early detection and diagnosis: When identified early, childhood cancer is more likely to respond to effective, evidence-based therapy and result in a greater chance of survival as well as less intensive and less expensive treatments

  • Treatment: Standard treatments include chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiotherapy. A correct diagnosis is essential for appropriate treatment to be given. Cure is possible in greater than 80% of children with cancer when correct services are accessible

  • Palliative care:Not all children with cancer can be cured, but relief of suffering is possible for all and it improves quality of life of patients and their families.

Any one of our specialists would be able to discuss with you in depth on issues to do with childhood cancer care.

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