Keyhole Surgery (Laparoscopy) For Children


Keyhole surgery is a technique that allows a paediatric surgeon to access the inside of a baby’s tummy or chest without having to make large incisions in the skin. Many types of operations no longer require a large cut. Keyhole surgery can be used to diagnose and treat various conditions in children. During keyhole surgery, surgeons pass very thin, highly specialised equipment with cameras, light and surgical instruments into the tummy or chest through small cuts on the skin allowing them to perform various procedures while watching and monitoring the whole process on screens. After the surgery is completed, the child receives a few stitches to close the cuts. For outpatient keyhole surgery, most children can go home the same day.

Are there any advantages for keyhole surgery? Absolutely!

Small cuts cause less pain, less bleeding, and they heal faster leading to shorter recovery times following keyhole surgery. There is much less after-care of keyhole cuts compared to traditional operating. The resulting scarring is smaller and less pronounced than it is after open surgery.

Our Paediatric surgeons will be able to explain in detail about keyhole surgery should your child require this technique of operating.

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